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"I loved reading this, and honestly wish I’d had it in my hot little hands 20 years ago. It would have saved me so much time and energy trying to figure out even a fraction of this on my own."

- Jeremy Griffith

Faro Fundamentals

52 page illustrated printed booklet

Theory, techniques & applications

Bonus: 2 routines included

The booklet covers a broad range of faro techniques, theory and applications. It includes a detailed section on learning an in-the-hands faro shuffle using a top-down weave, but also includes sections outlining a description of an in-the-hands shuffle using a bottom-up weave and tabled faro basics.

It also includes sections on the in-faro, out-faro, straddle faro, 51-card faro, eight-faro cycle, six faro belts, splitting perfect halves, correcting mistakes, stack and memorized deck applications, card controls, and introduces some advanced concepts.

This booklet teaches my preferred handling for an in-the-hands faro shuffle, and brings together faro material from my previous books, plus some new and expanded thoughts. It's primarily aimed at anyone wanting to learn the faro shuffle, but it goes beyond basics in several areas, and there are a few nuggets buried inside that might appeal to more experienced cardicians and faro workers. It includes a routine from each of my previous books, one using a regular deck and one memorized deck routine.


USD$ 29.95

plus postage

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