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“Faro Fundamentals" allowed me to correct three difficulties in my attempt to learn the Faro shuffle. An hour after reading a portion of your book, I was performing my first successful (and repeatable!) shuffles. Thank you!”

- Carr Brown

Faro Fundamentals. "I loved reading this, and honestly wish I’d had it in my hot little hands twenty years ago. It would have saved me so much time and energy trying to figure out even a fraction of this on my own."

- Jeremy Griffith

Greg's "Faro Fundamentals" is going to be a game-changer. Because at long last, when someone asks, "Where can I learn to do the faro shuffle?" unhesitatingly, the first answer is going to be Greg Chapman's "Faro Fundamentals". It's that good."

- Jack Shalom

"Details of Deception is a great read for advanced card workers.  Great section on the second deal. Stacked to Win & The Hold’em Demo will put your second deal chops to the test.  Highly recommended.”

- Paul Gertner


"If you enjoyed Greg's "The Devil's Staircase" - I loved it! - then you should get his new masterpiece "Details of Deception". What a modest title! Apart that you will learn some very original twists of sleights you do or will use for sure from now on, it is the wealth of practical applications within the pages that might overwhelm you. And if you are like me an aficionado of memorized deck magic this book is a must read. With Greg's "A.C.A.A.N.", "Sneaky Three" and "The Stranger"  (all are devilishly clever) I fell in love straight away. "

- Jan Forster


“WOW what a book. Chapman has done it again! Details of Deception is a perfect title for this book as the authors covers moves and routines in perfect details ...the chapters on the second deal, peeks and the shiner are unequalled. These chapters should be worth the price of the book alone”

- Sal Piacente

The Devil's Staircase "I continue to enjoy your book. Honestly, one of the most interesting card magic books I have come across in years." 

- Dan Andrus


Details of Deception “Very simply, if you do card magic, get this book! If you don't, you will be fooled by someone that did. When I read the book I found myself saying, "This is a good idea," "This trick would have fooled me." "I will use this." My favorite routines were: Any Pair, A.C.A.A.N., MD Poker, That Old Trick, The Stranger, and Sneaky Three. Highly recommended.”

- Steve Ehlers


Details of Deception "This is a must-have book if you like gambling routines and very subtle principles. Greg describes among other things his incredibly natural second deal which is really different. He worked on a way to rise his left thumb during each deal - as you would normally do - and the result is quite interesting. You have a feeling of naturalness which is incomparable when you watch it. You will also find a lot of very clever ideas I am sure you will like if you are a serious card worker. I highly recommend this book." 

- Jean Jacques Sanvert


Details of Deception “There's so much useful information in here. A few of the book's "throwaway" comments about the humble ribbon spread, for example, may well change the way you generally present your card magic. Where Greg's book may differ from some of the other current offerings is in the way that he does not hesitate to layer one deceptive technique on top of the other to produce an effect that has no way to be backtracked. The combination of techniques that Greg explores to get ahead of the spectators is downright unsporting. They don't have a chance.”

- Jack Shalom


Details of Deception "Wow!! This guy is a real expert. There's a wealth of great information, sleights, gambling stuff and memorized deck items that kill. If you're itching for some fresh thinking, new sleights and strong magic, you should check out "Details of Deception."

- Mike Powers


Details of Deception "Greg's new book is a goldmine of serviceable concepts, techniques and effects. Of particular note are his thoughts and treatments on estimation, seconds, memorised deck work and perhaps more importantly devising routines where subtle methods are further disguised by natural actions. Memdeck workers will find much to chew on. He explores and exploits clever ideas and principles. Everyone invested or interested in cards will find much to consider here. Highly recommended."

- Jed Smith


Details of Deception "I finished the book and I am absolutely convinced that your book should be required reading. Your in depth discussion of the Second Deal is brilliant. I love the finesses you've added. The language is clear which should please people who are turned off by the writing style of Erdnase. Stacked to Win id a KILLER routine and could be a separate manuscript on its own - it's really that good!" 

- Joe Caracciolo


"Greg's first book, The Devil's Staircase was full of great routines and clever ideas. In Details of Deception Greg keeps the standard high and delivers nicely constructed and utterly fooling routines. Along the way, Greg shares insights and ideas that can help make all of your magic even better. I especially liked Greg's work on estimation and the memorized deck. If you enjoy card magic then you want this book!"

- Eric Richardson, author of Oasis, and It All Depends


The Devil's Staircase "There are some magicians who are good technicians; there are some magicians who are good writers; there are some magicians who can illustrate their work well; there are some magicians who can create inventive fooling effects. It is relatively rare though in the world of magic to find someone who is all of the above.  I think Greg Chapman is such a magician and his book will become a classic in the field of smart, inventive, demanding but do-able card magic. If you like the work of Darwin Ortiz, Simon Aronson, or Dennis Behr, then this book is for you."

- Jack Shalom


"The Devil's Staircase is a book which provides an opportunity to all discerning cardmen to meet Greg Chapman. This is Greg's first publication and it is excellent. He is a man after my own heart and this book reflects his careful and considerate evaluation on sleight of hand card magic. The subject of card magic has reached a point where information has exploded beyond all recognition, so it was delightful to read this book and discover a new card man who appreciates the "how", the "why" and more importantly, consideration for the audiences thoughts and feelings.  This is an outstanding book and one which I feel all card men should study - the effects are varied and personalised handling on classic plots. This book covers a wide range of topics from Overhand Stacking Run Ups, based on Dai Vernon's seminal methodology from his "Poker Demonstration". Amazing effects with The Memorised Deck, Greg's own Stack Arrangement with fascinating features and properties. One of the highlights is Pure and Simple, a stunning effect which can look and feel like pure Mind Reading to a lay audience.


What I found most interesting was the tools of "his trade"; here, he shares the techniques which work for him and why. This appealed to me simply because, I am passionate about my students mastering the fundamentals of card magic impeccably before anything else. Greg outlines his thinking along with his tools so that we, the readers of this fine book can develop an understanding for how a dedicated practitioner approaches his craft and what works for him. When I read a new book on card magic, I am not looking for new effects, I am looking to be stimulated so that I can approach my passion for the subject from a new and refreshing angle. This book was successful on all counts. Highly recommended."

- Michael Vincent, author of Close-up Classics, and The Craft of Magic


The Devils Staircase "I had the privilege of reviewing a very early draft of Greg's book. There is a lot of great workers in the book but what I really want focus on is Greg's focus on theory. Simply put, if you are a fan of John Guastaferro and/or David Regal, this book is a must buy. Greg artfully weaves the "why" into the "how" and the end product is nothing short of stunning. It became quite obvious to me very quickly that Greg has immersed himself in the literature and is well versed in card magic and for aficionados of memdeck/stack work, there really is a LOT to sink your teeth into. Greg's writing style is clear and conversational. His scholarship is impressive and the magic in the book is absolutely stunning.


I mentioned David Regal and John Guastaferro because I prize the essays that these two authors include in their books. Too many magic books contain just "tricks" but in my estimation at least there is precious little theory. When I invest in a book, I want more than just the "how" and Greg delivers in the same way that Regal, Guastaferro, LaGerould, Giobbi, and others do. I will also include magic's greatest writer - in my opinion - Harry Lorayne because Greg's style is similar to Harry Lorayne in that in reading, I really felt that Greg was "with" me and teaching me. It's been said that reading a book well is not a passive endeavor. The reader actively engages with the author in a dialog. The reader actively gets inside the author's head and vice-versa setting up a beautiful synergy.

The material is not for novices and Greg assumes that the reader is pretty well schooled. That said, the advanced beginner would benefit from the theory in the book and compel her/him to acquire the skills needed to perform these wonderful gems. If you love card magic, if you love a good dialog with an author, and you are looking for some SERIOUS study, I unreservedly recommend The Devil's Staircase.

DISCLAIMER: I have not received any remuneration for my editing nor would I accept it. Greg asked me to do some proofreading on an early draft and I was pleased to do so. But, I could not offer an honest first impression if I had received remuneration or the book itself. Greg has kindly offered me a free copy of the finished book, but, I will refuse because I want to buy this book to support this author. Additionally, I want to write an in-depth review of the book - something I have not done in a long while and I want that review to be informed by the fact that I purchased the book. Shipping to Europe is expensive, but, I feel that this book may well turn out to be the book of the year for 2014 and that's saying a lot considering that Simon Aronson's new book is due in November and the Complete Al Leech is already out - and I hope to buy those as well."
- Joe Caracciolo


The Devil's Staircase "This book is full of insightful ideas that will provoke new and exciting work. It will make you evaluate what you do and how you can take it further. Greg's work on the memorized deck is outstanding. Greg does not think like I do and I treasure that! For me his work acts like a catalyst for the re-examination of my magical ideas and has me exploring new solutions or applying his ideas to reinvigorate old applications and presentations. This is a thoughtful and challenging work that will expand your magical horizons."

- Anton van Helden


The Devil's Staircase "I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter MEMORIZED DECK EFFECTS of your book and I learned a great deal that I haven't read anywhere else. I particularly enjoyed the mind reading section, especially the information on reading tells and how you tell how many cards are in the participant's packet. I can't wait to buy a copy from you when it's published, as I can see I'm only skimming the surface of this fascinating subject."

- Richard Webster, author of How to Read Minds, Body Language Quick and Easy, and more than 100 other titles.


The Devil's Staircase "I had the pleasure of reading the section on memorized deck effects in Greg's book. If you have any interest in this area then I highly encourage you to purchase his book. The section I reviewed was well written. But outside of the excellent description of the trick, the most valuable part to me were the well thought out ideas and various gambits that he describes. As I read the chapter I often found myself saying, that's a great idea. Greg has not only described a reputation making effect but he gives you many ideas that will enable you to tailor your presentation to a variety of subjects. If you only got this one routine out of the book, you would have a blockbuster. "
– Steve Ehlers, Arizona Card Expert and author of The Millenium Collection


"Greg Chapman's The Devil's Staircase is full of great ideas and superb routines.  I found his work with shuffle stacking and the memorized deck especially insightful.  Greg knows how to create strong, magical and entertaining effects and it is great that he is sharing his work with all of us."

– Eric Richardson, author of It All Depends, and Oasis


The Devil's Staircase "Although being into memorized deck magic for decades I found new routines and extremely clever approaches for this tool. Superb brain food! My highest recommendation!

– Jan Forster

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